Radio Seagull - our past...

We broadcast from Harlingen, a small harbour-town in the northern part of the Netherlands, where the sound of the sea and of seagulls is heard everyday. We also feel a strong relationship to the 'Radio Seagull' which broadcast from the MV Mi-Amigo in 1973 and 1974

Irish entrepreneur Ronan O'Rahilly approached Hugh Nolan and Barry Everitt (ex Radio Geronimo, 1970) and they helped launch Radio Seagull in 1973, along with Bob Noakes, Andy Archer, Norman Barrington, Tony Allan, Elija, Robin, Mike... with a mix of rock, jazz, classical and world music.

During those days the ship, which also housed the radio station 'Radio Mi Amigo', was anchored four miles off the Dutch coast. Radio Seagull's format included Progressive Rock and Alternative music, the same format we broadcast nowadays

The original Radio Seagull eventually mutated into Radio Caroline. It is therefore perhaps ironic that the team behind Radio Caroline Netherlands (which was distributed via the internet and Dutch Cable TV) launched this Radio Seagull in August 2003

From the Radio Seagull Archives - the crew of the MV Mi Amigo 29 August 1973:

radio seagull....      because there is more to music than hits alone....